The City of Wenatchee will soon own more waterfront property along the Columbia River.

Last month, the city struck a deal with the owners of the Pybus Public Market to procure a parcel of land located on the market’s south side that is currently being used for parking.

Wenatchee Mayor, Frank Kuntz, says the purchase will aid in securing the city’s future interests in one of its most valuable neighborhoods.

“The city owns the dirt under the Pybus Market. The dirt just south of it, which is currently a dirt parking lot, has been utilized by Pybus for quite some time. But the city has been talking for a while about whether the city should control that parcel as well for the long term.”

Kuntz adds the parcel won’t see any major changes within the next decade, but its potential for future development is exceptional.

“One of the agreements we have with the sellers is that the property will remain a parking lot for a minimum of ten years. But one can envision, years from now, that property would be so valuable that it might have a building or an addition to the Pybus Market on it, and the parking would go across the street.”

The purchase will likely close by the end of this month.

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