Confluence Health Hospital Central Campus is getting recognition from a nonprofit that works with hospitals to supply organs for transplants.  

LifeCenter Northwest is awarding Confluence Health two awards, one for having a low rate of errors in processing organ donations and another for honoring 100 percent of decisions made to donate organs. 

Confluence Health is one of 200 hospitals that coordinate with LifeCenter Northwest on the transfer of organs for transplant. 

The hospital was one of 29 to have a processing error rate of 5% or less. A news release from the hospital said realizing and maintaining a low process error rate is incredibly challenging. Confluence Health has been given the Organ Donation Process Excellence Award five times dating back to 2017. 

It was one of 46 hospitals in the LifeCenter Northwest organ donation service area recognized for honoring 100% of registered donation decisions. The hospital previously won the Honoring Donor Decisions Award in 2022.   

“Organ donation is a sensitive, but important, area in healthcare that can literally change lives with a single decision,” said Confluence Health chief nursing officer Kelly Allen. “We are so proud of our teams that work hard each day to honor those decisions to make such a precious gift and are grateful to LifeCenter Northwest for this recognition and their ongoing partnership to ensure those wishes are fulfilled.” 

LifeCenter Northwest is a nonprofit that serves Alaska, Montana, North Idaho, and Washington State, the largest geographic area of any of the 57 federally designated organ procurement organizations in the United States. 

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