Chief Medical Officer for CVCH Dr. Malcolm Butler says they continue to learn more about COVID-19 everyday and it is allowing them to understand how it spreads more clearly.

He noted that they now understand what is safer behavior.

"Anything you do outdoors is always better than doing something indoors because there is just so much more air. Any virus that is being exhaled is going to get wafted away in the wind."

Spread can also happen by surface contamination, though the air is the most common way.

Dr. Butler says think of the virus like tree sap that is stuck to an infected person's hand.

"Anywhere where you're touching a bunch of stuff and tree sap would make a mess, think about the fact that COVID is also probably dangerous in that situation. These are situations where sanitizing surfaces would be prudent. It's a good idea and decreases risk."

He says it is unlikely for the virus to spread through the mail, or packages.

You can hear the full conversation below:

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