The recent dramatic rescue of a hiker near Lake Viviane in the Enchantments is getting national attention. 

ABC's Good Morning America did a story on the rescue which involved more than a dozen personnel from multiple agencies being flown by helicopter to a hiker who was trapped under a massive boulder. 


Sgt. Jason Reinfeld with Chelan County Emergency Management was interviewed on the show, and he says the appearance was worthwhile.  

"I was really glad to get exposure out there for what can be done around here, and the groups and partnerships that we have around here that we conduct these rescues all throughout the summer," said Reinfeld. "That one was obviously a lot more complicated. It was quite a rescue, and I was glad to get some local notoriety for that."  

Reinfeld was joined on the interview by Vern Nelson Jr. with Chelan County Mountain Rescue and Clint Webley with Wenatchee Valley Fire and Rescue. 

The group started its rescue operation at about 9:30am on Monday, October 10 and didn’t hike out of the area until 11 that night.  

The injured hiker was thought to be in danger serious injury, or even losing his life as he was partially trapped under a boulder described as the size of a refrigerator. 

Rescue members from the Wenatchee Valley Fire Department used air bladders designed to lift vehicles off car accident victims to free the man. 

Gusty winds prevented the man from being immediately airlifted, but he was eventually flown from the scene about two hours later in a helicopter. 

The man’s injuries were far less severe than they could have been. 

Click here to view the Good Morning America story.

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