The Eastmont School District has requested funding from the city of East Wenatchee to hire a second school resource officer (SRO).

A motion to make the requisition passed by unanimous vote at the district’s board of directors meeting this week.

East Wenatchee Mayor, Jerrilea Crawford, says the city supports the idea but it may take some time before it can make the necessary adjustments to its budget.

“We don’t have it in the city’s budget right now because our budget goes through the calendar year (and) their budget is starting with the school year,” explained Crawford. “So it would mean we need to do something with our budget if we want it in September when school starts.”

The city is exploring the possibility of grant funding that might assist with the cost of hiring a second SRO.

Crawford says the process of adding any law enforcement position in the city is very involved.

“There’s insurance, there’s training, (and) there’s a whole lot of expense that goes into establishing a new officer, whether it’s a school officer or just an officer in general.”

One of the expenses associated with the hiring of a second SRO for Eastmont would be a new patrol vehicle, which Crawford says is also not currently in the city’s budget.

Additionally, Crawford says it’s critical that the city hire the right person for the job, since not every qualified law enforcement professional is entirely fit for the role of SRO.

The city is hopeful it can hire a new SRO by sometime this fall and have them ready to begin working with the district by January 1, 2023.

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