An East Wenatchee man was arrested on suspicion of stealing from a Cedars Inn twice this month.

On July 7 at 3:30 p.m., 49-year-old Eric J. Felton is accused of threatening a front desk worker for money at a Cedars Inn in East Wenatchee.

Felton was able to flee with $689 in cash.

A few weeks later on Wednesday morning, around 5 a.m., police believe Felton returned and stole $356 in cash while the front desk employee was away from their desk.

East Wenatchee Police Sergeant Karsten Garcia said video surveillance showed someone resembling Felton, who also matched the description of the man who stole from them weeks prior.

On Friday, detectives were joined by Columbia River Drug Task Force in arresting Felton near the 7/11 in East Wenatchee.

This case is currently ongoing, with officers determining the extent of his charges.

Felton is currently booked into Chelan County Regional Justice Center on burglary, theft, and shoplifting charges.

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