The City of East Wenatchee will soon break ground on a new building for its Public Works department.

East Wenatchee Mayor Jerrilea Crawford says the nearly 8,800 square foot facility will be a welcome relief for the city.

“This is a long overdue project,” says Crawford. “City hall sits on the old Eastmont School District facility, so very old garages and storage units. So it’s long overdue for our crew to get some new facilities.”

Crawford says public impacts during construction are expected to be minimal with the exception of one potential issue.

“I think the part that will be disruptive (maybe) to citizens is it will impact out parking that we have at city hall,” explained Crawford. “Folks coming to visit the library or coming in for court, they may see a little less parking availability.”

In addition to the main building, the project also includes a 900 square foot overhead storage area.

The city has contracted with Halme Builders of Davenport (WA) at a cost of $5.4 million for the project.

There is no timeline for completion of the facility. However, Crawford says she expects it to be operational by this fall.

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