As this week’s extreme heat intensifies, emergency responders throughout the region are preparing for a larger volume of calls.

Shawn Ballard of Ballard Ambulance in Wenatchee says many of the calls his company receives involve those who aren’t used to the hot weather.

“We really prepare and watch for people that are affected by the heat. We especially pay attention to the people that haven’t been out in the heat a lot and gotten acclimated. They tend to get more effects from the heat than everyone else.”

The elderly and those with certain health conditions are also more adversely affected by the extreme heat.

Ballard also says there are more responses to roadway accidents, since the hot weather tends to change people’s driving habits.

“People drive faster - they drive more aggressively, (and) they follow closer. So just back off a little bit, relax, (and) turn your air conditioning up a couple of extra notches.”

Other things to remember when the weather heats up are to limit your exposure, stay hydrated and wear thin, light-colored clothing when outside.

While inside, close blinds and curtains, open interior doors to rooms with no windows to improve airflow, and use your stove and oven less.

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