It's going to be a rather warm weekend in North Central Washington with highs both tomorrow and Sunday reaching the upper 80s. 

National Weather Service Meteorologist Jeremy Wolf says it'll be warmer than normal, but some years have been much hotter. 

"The normal is 79, so it's not too far above normal," said Wolf "The record highs this time of year are in the mid 90's. So, we are looking at a warming trend, but nowhere near record type heat." 

The forecast over the next two weeks shows continued warmer than normal temperatures, but there'll be less than normal precipitation. 

The average high temperature will drop from 79 now to 70 by the end of September. 

Wolf says there'll an abrupt change after that. 

"By the time we get to Halloween, the normal high is only 51, Wolf said. "As we get into fall it tends to get cool pretty quickly." 

The weather service says the reason for the quick fall off is partly connected to the rapid reduction in daylight hours with sunlight in the Northwest. 

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