The Wenatchee Valley Humane Society’s (WVHS) fundraiser, a  2024 Canine Royalty program announced King and Queen to coincide with the Washington Apple Blossom Festival.

King K-9 Gambit and Queen Ms. Murphy were announced Monday as the honorees.

K-9 Gambit is the narcotics-detecting K-9 for the Chelan County Regional Jail. He helps keep the facility free of drugs and contraband, keeping staff and inmates safe. K-9 Gambit also works with school resource officers to promote a safe learning environment for students at area schools.  K-9 Gambit is already a public figure and does numerous public events, demonstrations, and is helping build positive relationships between the community and law enforcement.

King K-9 Gambit Image: Wenatchee Humane Society
King K-9 Gambit Image: Wenatchee Humane Society

King K-9 Gambit's Royal Decree: "That every good boy and girl deserves a pup-cup anytime their owner goes through their favorite coffee stand during the Apple Blossom Festival"

Ms. Murphy wants to be friends with any animal, no matter what their size. Bit Ms. Murphy's size can be intimidating to smaller pets she meets.  To alleviate those fears, Ms. Murphy has learned to lie completely flat on the ground and appear smaller and less intimidating.

Queen Ms. Murphy Image: Wenatchee Humane Society
Queen Ms. Murphy Image: Wenatchee Humane Society

Queen Ms. Murphy’s Royal Decree "For every pet to have a loving forever home, with comfy couches and the best of friends. For that is all any pet desires in their life"

King K-9 Gambit and Queen Ms. Murphy were chosen from a field of forty-seven dogs that were nominated by their families to be crowned the Canine Royalty.

The official coronation ceremony will be on Saturday, April 20th at 2 p.m. at the Union Hill Co. in East Wenatchee.  Every nominee is invited to attend and is considered to be part of the Canine Royal Court.

King K-9 Gambit and Queen Ms. Murphy will be leading the WVHS entry in the Washington State Apple Blossom Grand Parade on Saturday, May 4th

“Everyone thinks their dog is royalty, and they all are right. It was great reading about all the Canine Royalty in North Central Washington, and we look forward to meeting the pets at many of the upcoming 2024 royal events,” said WVHS Executive Director James Pumphrey

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