Disclaimer: Photos of the Ukrainian volunteers during the event were limited due photos possibly affecting the health and safety for them and their families still in Ukraine. Permission was granted by both Karyna the volunteer and Friends of Ukraine Refugees organizer Dr. Keith Madsen to take her photo. 

Friends of Ukraine Refugees held a fundraiser at Pybus Market on August 20, hoping to raise $1 million for Ukrainian families currently living in the Wenatchee Valley.

Ukrainian and Wenatchee volunteers gathered at the market at 11:30 a.m., serving Halupki free of charge. 

Friends of Ukraine Refugees collaborated with Blue Skies Food Shack owner Joe Gluzinski to make an updated Ukrainian staple, a deconstructed cabbage beef roll served in a savory tomato broth.

This organization works on providing work visas and cooperating with immigration attorneys for Ukrainian families fleeing from the Russian invasion. These families currently do not have work visas, so funds are largely dependent on donations and state grants.

Funds from this event will go towards rent and living costs for the three families currently within the program. 

There are over 10 families on their waiting list.

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