An equipment failure at a fish-acclimation facility in Okanogan County resulted in the death of about 5,000 steelhead.

According to our news partner iFIBER ONE, the April 11th mishap killed about a quarter of the Grant PUD's steelhead being acclimated at the Omak Creek facility, which is owned and operated by the Colville Confederated Tribes.

The power failure began when area powerlines were struck by trees. A backup generator was activated, but due to a bad connection power failed to reach the facilities oxygenation pumps. Grant PUD has a federal obligation to release 100,000 juvenile summer steelhead annually.

The Colville facility acclimated 20,000 of that total. The remaining 80,000 are reared at the Wells Hatchery, owned and operated by Douglas County PUD.

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