The City of Wenatchee will be asked to approve a million-dollar project to improve the aeration process at the wastewater treatment plant.

The plant has three large motors that supply air to the facility's aeration basins.

"One of which is in really poor condition and is barely operable. Another has been rebuilt recently. The other is kind of on its last legs," senior utility engineer Jeremy Hoover said. "Our treatment plant was built back in the 50s. Lots of things are getting to the end of their useful lifetime."

Hoover says the blowers are a crucial component to the wastewater treatment process. He'll be asking the city council  tomorrow night (3/23) to approve a contract to make improvements.

"The idea with this project is that we're going to replace the two that are basically at the end of their useful lifetimes with a couple of modern units that are much more energy efficient, that can put out the necessary airflow that we require." Hoover said.

If a motion to award the contract to Apollo Inc. is approved tomorrow night., the project is expected to take a year to complete at a cost of about $1.2 million dollars.

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