I love a good slice of Pizza and lucky for us, Wenatchee provides! From fresh toppings to the oven baked goodness of the crust!

Here are the Top 5 Pizza Joints in Wenatchee WA:

1. Saddle Rock Pub & Brewery - 

"Great little place. Food was good, service was great. My husband loved the pizza and my sandwich (the hog) was amazing." - Christine D



2. Visconti's - 

"Always great food and atmosphere! Drinks food and good friends, great place to show out of towners that Wenatchee has great food. Highly recommend." - Oro P


3. Wenatchee Valley Brewing Company

"Food is fine. Beer is even better especially the seasonal White IPA but what gets this place all the way to 5 stars is how utterly family friendly it is with the turf grass and the play structure & toys on site for young children." - John R

4. Abby's Legendary Pizza

"We had pizza and salad delivered when we were visiting in town. Both were very tasty, and the delivery was timely." - Am K


5. Lemolo Cafe & Deli - 

"My partner got the Santa Fe sandwich, a cookie and a beer. I got a beer, but due to having a rough day at work, I was too indecisive to get anything else. This is important because, although I came in a hot mess, and mostly came because I needed to get out of my head, the staff was bending over backwards to make us feel welcome. I don't know if we've felt this way in any other establishment in town. We just moved here in August from Colorado because of our jobs, and have struggled finding places where we felt welcome and like we belonged. The 2000's alt music plus the service plus the extensive chalkboard menu with creative ingredients was very welcome. It was by chance that we came here today, and I'm glad we did. It reminds me of our small ski town sandwich shops from home." Samantha R



Ok, so where are we going to go? So many awesome choices!


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