A 49-year-old Wenatchee man charged with assaulting his wife is in jail for a second time on accusations he stalked her and violated a no contact order. 

Robert Hansen was arrested last Friday after deputies say he violated the order by parking near her residence and tracking her movements. 

He was ordered held without bail at a court hearing Monday by Chelan County Superior Court Judge Superior Court Judge Travis Brandt. But Brandt amended the order Wednesday to a $500,000 bail with the stipulation Hansen wear a GPS monitoring device if released. 

Hansen was in jail as of Thursday afternoon. 

Deputies have accused him of seven counts each of stalking and violating a domestic violence protection order. 

They say cell phone data shows he parked near his wife's residence six different times between Dec. 1 and Dec. 15 and repeatedly tried to follow, track and monitor her movements.  

Hansen was originally arrested on Nov. 13 after deputies said he attacked his wife the previous night and tried choke her. 

They say they found her in a semiconscious state on the floor in the hallway outside the couple's bedroom.  

Prosecutors charged Hansen with 2nd Degree Assault in the incident. 

He satisfied a bail of $250,000 set for that case and was released from jail the next day. 

Hansen has a court date set for Feb. 20 in the assault charge. 

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