At the Tuesday Moses Lake City Council meeting, councilmembers will weigh the option to surplus Vista Park 1. Vista Park 1 is undeveloped property, besides grass and sprinklers put in, adjacent to Power Point Park.

"The city was looking at surplus properties that we could look to divest ourselves from and sell," said Kevin Fuhr, interim city manager. "We haven't put any improvements on it, just flat grass."

Prior city administration listed the property on the market and the city has received a potential buyer for the land. According to the council packet, the sale of the property would save general fund revenues that have been put toward the maintenance of the parcel.

"The Parks Commission weighed in and they agreed to surplus the property so it can be sold," said Fuhr.

According to the council packet, the property isn't needed for municipal purposes and the commission recommended the council to surplus Vista 1 and keep the other park for potential trails program usage. If the council approves the resolution, a public hearing will be set for February 11.



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