The Plaza Super Jet was named the Washington Lottery Retailer of the Year for Central Washington. It's the first time a Wenatchee store has been honored and Grocery Manager Wiley Goins called it an honor.

"Everyone was really excited. For myself personally, there is a sense of pride involved in that because I thought 'Wow. I didn't even know that award existed.'"

Washington Lottery spokesperson Kristi Weeks says the winners are determined by more than just sales.

"They are a retailer that has been enthusiastic about the lottery, that's been supportive, that's gone out of their way to promote lottery products, that really loves the lottery and thinks of it as an important part of their business."

Goins echoed that sentiment noting their store philosophy is simple.

"It's all part of the big picture for us. I want everybody who comes in here; I want to treat them like like I want to be treated if I go shopping. So it's all apart of it. People could go almost anywhere to buy lottery tickets."

Weeks says the store received some money, some prizes and can now also use the award in their promotions.

"That is helpful for their business. That helps them to stand apart from the next convenient store down the street."

The store will be hosting a celebration Friday from 10:00 a.m. through 2:00 p.m. with food, prizes and more.

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