Police in Moses Lake had to take lethal measures to stop a group of dogs from attacking pedestrians over the weekend.

On Saturday afternoon, officers responded to the 1800 block of Division Street after an off-duty police sergeant reported that a group of three dogs had bitten one passerby and behaved aggressively towards at least two others on the sidewalk.

Upon arriving at the scene, one officer was immediately attacked by three dogs after exiting his vehicle and fired a single round from a department-issued rifle at one of the animals, killing it instantly.

Following the officer's fatal shooting of the dog - described as a being a white pitbull - the other two animals fled into a nearby yard.

It was later determined that all three dogs belonged to a neighborhood resident whose home had a hole in its fencing.

Police assisting the resident with patching the hole and referred the case to local animal control, who are investigating the condition of the two surviving canines.

The actions of the involved officers will be reviewed to ensure they properly adhered to departmental policy.

Police are also trying to identify the male passerby who was bitten so they can contact him for questioning and make certain he has received proper medical attention.

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