Protesters gathered at 9th and Chelan in Wenatchee outside Confluence Health voicing displeasure with the Governor's mandate that healthcare workers receive the COVID-19 vaccine.

May Tussey, who works at Confluence as a Business Analyst says she started protesting Tuesday after Confluence emailed all staff saying their last day would be October 18th if they were not vaccinated.

"I came out here to say that I work here and I'm not going to get the shot and we all have a choice. ... I don't think it's safe and effective. I don't think there's been any informed consent and I think there's a lot of information on the CDC website that people don't see because it's not what they see on the news."

Tussey originally was protesting by herself, but was joined by several others on Wednesday.

"It means so much to me as an employee here. There's people that don't even work here that are out here supporting us and it means so much because my entire family works here. It means a lot to have support from the community."

Tussey says none of her family have been vaccinated and will all lose their jobs.

The Chelan-Douglas Health District says it's important to get healthcare workers vaccinated as a group effort to stem any spread of the disease.

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