Pybus Public Market is now searching for its next leader after announcing the job opening for its General Manager/Foundation Director Wednesday.

Transitional Executive Director Leslie Freytag, who has filled the role for the last few years but will soon retire, said their search committee spent the last several months carefully defining the job description and what they would like to see in a candidate.

"Our ideal candidate should be able to lead a small team and focus on continuing to support the market as a place where our community meets." stated Freytag, "Also, has knowledge of retail and merchandising, retail leasing, marketing, and event & facilities management."

Applications will be accepted over the next few weeks, with interviews in October and hopefully someone in place by Thanksgiving. Freytag plans to stay and get the next hire up to speed before she retires around the end of the year.

For more information, email, call (509) 888-3900 or check out Pybus Public Market's website here.

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