A suspect is in custody with multiple felony charges after a series of overnight crimes occurred in a short period of time between one and two am Tuesday in Wenatchee.

Police were sent to the George Sellar Bridge on a call of a person driving recklessly, but was also thought to have vandalized a car at a residence about a mile away.

Officers say the suspect was stopped on the bridge, but then drove away when they approached him, and was observed driving through red lights, the wrong way on one-way roads, and at a high rate of speed.

They were then sent to the back side of the Coast Hotel in Wenatchee on a complaint of the same suspect vehicle doing donuts and running over scooters.

Officers arrived and found the suspect and his vehicle next to a pile of smashed Bird Scooters.

The driver did not comply with commands after being told he was under arrest and took off on foot but was taken into custody after giving up.

He was identified at that location by the person whose car had been vandalized.

The fleet manager for Bird Scooters also arrived and estimated the damage to be around $19,000.

The suspect was taken to jail on three felony and two misdemeanor charges.

It was determined that the suspect had vandalized the victim vehicle by stabbing holes in it with a knife or screwdriver rather than shooting at it, as had originally been thought.

Officers say they were never able to forcibly pull the suspect over during the series of crimes because criteria for doing so was not met under current Washington State law.

Car involved in overnight series of crimes in Wenatchee
Car involved in overnight series of crimes in Wenatchee

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