A Tesla driver faces assault and hit-and-run charges after Moses Lake Police say the driver intentionally hit a pedestrian.

Police say witnesses told them the driver and a man on foot had been arguing before the driver intentionally drove into the victim, and then left the scene.

Moses Lake officers’ credit one of their own for tracking down the driver who they say was illegally charging the Tesla at an outlet next to a post office.

Police say the victim had bumps and bruises while the driver was arrested on 2nd Degree Assault and Hit-and-Run charges.

The driver, who was behind the wheel of a red Tesla, was booked into the Grant County jail after the incident, which took place Sunday afternoon at about 1 p.m.

A statement from Moses Lake Police said, "one of our ‘seasoned’ community services officers had just finished lunch and decided that the best place to find an electric vehicle would be near a charging station.”

The statement also said, "the suspect driver was so concerned about charging his vehicle that he forgot to wipe off the handprints that the victim left after being struck and rolling onto the hood of the car."

The driver was located at an electrical outlet next to the Post Office at Sinkiuse Square.

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