Three people have injuries following a two-vehicle accident in Douglas County Thursday evening.

The Washington State Patrol says the wreck occurred when an SUV struck a pickup truck that was parked on the shoulder of State Route 173 near Brewster at around 8:30 p.m.

The collision's impact pushed the pickup into its driver, 61-year-old Reina Huesca-Garcia of Cornelius, Oregon, who was outside her vehicle surveying damage from a previous collision.

Huesca-Garcia and the driver of the SUV, 68-year-old Doreen Barrutia of Brewster were both transported to Three Rivers Hospital in Brewster, along with one of Barrutia's two passengers, 90-year-old Dammie Carmack of Brewster.

The crash, which is still under investigation, blocked the highway for nearly two hours.

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