A fifth-wheel trailer is a loss and two homes in a duplex have minor damage from an East Wenatchee fire at about 9:30 Sunday night. 

The Wenatchee Valley Fire Department was able to quickly arrive at the fire in the 1300 block of Clements Circle. 

Department spokesperson Kay McKellar says a family of four was in the trailer when it caught fire. 

"The kids noticed smoke," said McKellar. "And when they tried to open a door to get out, there was too much smoke. So, they couldn't get out that way. So, they broke a window, and the parents got them and the children out safely." 

The family members had minor cuts and scrapes that were treated at the scene by Lifeline Ambulance. Several cats also escaped the fire, but it's not known if a missing dog was inside the trailer.

Six people in one of the duplex homes were displaced because of smoke damage, but both units will be habitable. 

McKellar said the department had the fire under control within an hour and left the scene after an especially quick initial response. 

"They got a real fast attack on that," McKellar said. "They really did. They saved that building, really, is what they did." 

The cause of the fire has not been reported. 

The Red Cross was notified of the people who were left without shelter.

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