Two airports in Douglas County will soon receive some necessary maintenance and upgrades.

The Waterville airport is currently in the design phase of a project that will include the installation of several new ground instruments and a restroom, along with new edge lighting for its runway.

Chelan-Douglas Regional Port Authority CEO Jim Kuntz says the new LED lights will satisfy a grant requirement for energy efficiency through the Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT).

“The state is looking for energy efficient projects, so a brand new lighting system that’s one hundred percent LED, checks a big box with WSDOT with doing things in an energy efficient manner.”

Once the design phase is complete, which is expected to happen in the coming months, the port will then put the project out for contractor bids.

Thirty miles to the northwest, the airport in Mansfield is currently without its beacon light.

The device, which is situated on the top of a grain silo adjacent to the airport, recently quit functioning and now requires replacing.

The port’s Director of Airports, Trent Moyers, says the new beacon might be installed using a different configuration.

 “We’re looking at a different set up in Mansfield where we would relocate the beacon (and) put it on its own freestanding pole that we would be able to service and maintain much more efficiently."

In the interim, Moyers says the loss of the beacon will not affect those flying in or out of the airport.

There’s currently no estimated timeframe for replacement of the beacon.

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