Two people are recovering after being injured while working at the Rock Island Switchyard Tuesday morning.

Douglas County Fire District 2 Spokesperson Kay McKellar said the two employees were pinned by a roll of steel rebar just before 9:00am.

She reported the roll of steel fell from a crane onto them as they were trying to move it around.

The construction company working at the site provided clarification as to what took place.

A spokesperson for Magnum Power, said one of their foremen and an independent truck driver were injured when a steel reinforcement cage collapsed and fell onto them while they were standing at the open end of the cage.

Both people were taken to a hospital with injuries, and have been recovering.

According to Magnum Power, the steel reinforcement cage was laying on the ground in a horizontal position at the time of the incident. No lifting or other movement of the cage was being performed at the time of the incident.


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