Douglas County Fire District 2 and Chelan County Fire District 1 have officially merged into the Wenatchee Valley Fire Department Friday.

Voters from both fire districts approved a measure to merge both departments back in August.

The Wenatchee Valley Fire Department Board of Commissioners hope to reduce administrative personnel and increase the number of firefighters, reducing the need to compete with other departments.

This merger will also address vulnerabilities in their Continuity of Operations Plan, geared towards obtaining new supplies and equipment.

Administrative personnel will now be housed at 731 N. Wenatchee Ave.

The Fire Marshal Division, the Wildland Liaison and Public Information Officer Kay McKellar will be working at 377 Eastmont Ave.

This department has also promoted the following volunteer firefighters.

  • Jeremie Clark is now Division Chief and will focus on recruitment and retention
  • Kyle Dennis is promoted to Chief of Aircraft Rescue and Firefighting, responsible for coordinating aircraft firefighting operations

Chiefs Clark and Dennis have been volunteering for over 25 years.

Their new website is currently under construction. Those who wish to access the Wenatchee Valley Fire Department online will be directed to existing district websites until the new site is completed.

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