The Washington State Patrol has selected their 2020 Chief for a Day, Cashmere Middle Schooler Jordy Gonzalez-Perez.

Trooper Tom Moberg was at the school Tuesday to announce the decision to Jordy's whole class.

"You are going to get a uniform, you're going to come with me and meet some people at my office. You're going to ride in my patrol car, talk on the radio if you want, make some noise, turn on the lights and the sirens. It's super fun."

Jordy will be celebrated at the Apple Blossom kickoff event April 23rd and ride in the Stemilt Growers Grand Parade on May 2nd.

There will be Chief for a Day participants for each law enforcement agency in the valley, along with WDFW.

*The story has been updated with the identity of the Trooper who was incorrectly identified in the initial version.*

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