The Wenatchee Valley Humane Society is bulging at the seams this month.

Executive Director Taylor Sharp says a combination of factors, including kitten season and an increase in stray animals has greatly limited space at the shelter.

“We’re really close to (being) at capacity,” says Sharp. “But we’re not at the point where we’re turning any animals away – we won’t turn strays away, ever! But we try to have five to ten open kennels and we’re just borderline. We have one or two at any given moment.”

Sharp says the pinch is happening at shelters nationwide and is largely due to housing and inflation - with more people surrendering their pets due to an inability to afford the costs associated with keeping them.

“We are not unique in this situation. This happening at every single shelter across the country,” explained Sharp. “And the number one reason we are seeing people brining in their animals in is they can no longer afford their rent and they can’t find pet-friendly housing. We have a serious shortage of pet-friendly housing.”

Sharp adds that the shelter is also in need of food and supplies and says anyone who can make a donation would be helping their cause.

In addition, she says anyone who can adopt or foster a shelter pet would be making a big difference.

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