A Wenatchee man is in jail on narcotics charges. Most of what follows was gleaned from the Kittitas County Sheriff's Facebook page.

On Wednesday morning at 10:30 local time, deputies were alerted to a running pickup truck on Kachess Lake Road in Easton. The driver was 35-year-old Jerry Wilton Shaver. He seemed impaired; he was neither responsive nor conscious.

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Shaver was roused from his stupor by a Washington State Patrol trooper (the first to arrive at the scene).

Deputy Garrett Taklo strongly suspected that Shaver had drugs on his person. A search of the truck revealed exactly that. Taklo uncovered hefty amounts of what looked like fentanyl and methamphetamine.

Shaver, we're told, had in his possession a supply of powdered fentanyl as well as 200 "blues": capsules containing fentanyl. The methamphetamine was divided into baggies labeled "old meth" and "new meth."

Other drugs were packaged and ready for sale. Moreover, Shaver was carrying $5,400 in cash.

He also had a gun on his person, that is, a nonlethal prop gun built to resemble a semi-automatic pistol. Shaver is a convicted felon and therefore prohibited, under state law, from possessing firearms.

Following the traffic stop, Shaver was taken into custody, where he remains today. He faces a host of charges: Possession of a Controlled Substance; Physical Control of a Vehicle While Under the Influence; and Possession With Intent to Deliver.

This is not Shaver's first run-in with the law. In 2021 he was Tased following a bizarre kerfuffle with police in suburban Seattle. Shaver reportedly barricaded himself in an outpatient drug rehab facility - this after a hit-and-run in which he damaged a utility pole.

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