The Center for Alcohol & Drug Treatment in Wenatchee is asking the state for $20 million to build a new facility. 

A letter of request says the center is in disrepair. 

Chelan County spokesperson Jill FitzSimmons says Governor Inslee got to see the condition of the center during a visit to Wenatchee last week. 

"The current one that he went through last Friday, it was built in 1954," said FitzSimmons. "It's outdated. Things like the electrical and the plumbing. They really need to be updated, things like that." 

The letter of request says the center needs mechanical, electrical, and plumbing infrastructure upgrades as well as complete window and stair replacement, and the installation of an elevator to serve patients with limited mobility.  

A feasibility study showed that making improvements to the current center would cost more than building a newer, larger space.   

The letter of request said the upgrades are also needed because of the increased substance addiction and related deaths in Washington state. 

The request itself is to the state legislature for a capital project that would be included in the state capital budget. The legislature won't finalize that budget until the end of the current session which ends on April 23. 

Plans for a new treatment center described in the request include increasing the availability of intensive in-patient treatment from 16 beds to 32 beds. 

Detox beds would also be doubled from 8 beds to 16 beds. 

The request also says the money would be used to provide additional inclusive treatment accessibility for kids, Spanish speakers and patients with mobility needs. 

In addition, the funds would be used to expand workforce training opportunities for the Wenatchee Valley College Chemical Dependency Studies Program, nursing students, and the growing behavioral health workforce. 

The letter of request breaks down three options for the treatment center. 

One option would require $6.5 million to retrofit the existing facility but wouldn’t add bed capacity or bring the Center into complete ADA compliance. 

Another option would require $45 million to incorporate the Center as part of a regional diversion facility campus. 

The third option is the basis for the $20 million request being put forth by the county. 

The letter of request for state funding was put together by Chelan County Housing Program Coordinator & Interim Economic Development Director Sasha Sleiman. 

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