The 9/11 Spirit of America Foundation hosted the 21st Anniversary Remembrance Ceremony on Sunday, honoring the first responders who lost their lives on Sep. 11.

On Sunday, people gathered at the 9/11 Spirit of America Memorial in Cashmere. The ceremony began with a musical performance from Judy Kelts. 

Afterwards, 9/11 Spirit of America Memorial Foundation President Doug Jones began the ceremony with the Master of Ceremony, retired Wenatchee Police Captain John Kruse.

Doug Jones said he and the board decided they were going to honor and remember the first responders who gave their lives on Sep. 11.

“Those who woke up that morning, similar to the first responders here today, woke up that morning, maybe kissed their spouse good morning, had breakfast with their kids,  shared a laugh with one of their station buddies, and then headed off to work just like any other day,” Jones said. “But it was not any other day.”

Photo by Dave Bernstein.
Photo by Dave Bernstein.

Jones later presented the Spirit of America Award to local first responders, which include firefighters, medical personnel, and law enforcement.

Cashmere Fire Chief Blake Larson, Lake Chelan EMS Ray Eickmeyer, and East Wenatchee Police Officer Ivy Jacobsen accepted the award on behalf of their agencies.

It was after this when the names of the fallen first responders during Sep. 11 were read off one-by-one.

“We will remember each of them by name, so that we as a community, as a nation, as Americans, ensure that they are never forgotten,” Jones said.

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