Both Wenatchee and Eastmont School districts went into a lock-up mode Friday morning.

The Eastmont lock-down at the high school came first, at about 8:20am for about 10 minutes, and was followed by a "lock-out" for about 15 minutes at all Wenatchee Schools.

Diana Haglund with Wenatchee Schools says there's a difference between a lock-down and the lock-out they had.

"What this means is that we secure our buildings," said Haglund. "We only allow controlled entry, but inside our school, business maintains as usual. We also cancel any outdoor activities, and make sure those students are brought in."

Wenatchee schools took action because police were chasing a suspect from East Wenatchee into Wenatchee.

Eastmont Superintendent Garn Christensen says two students in question left the school, and one had voluntarily spoken to police.

"The information we have is that there was no malicious intent, no threat," said Christense. "It was perhaps a pellet gun or an air soft, we're not sure, but there was no intent to do any harm."

Both the Wenatchee and Eastmont school districts have beefed up security in recent weeks because of gang activity and threats of violence.

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