The Cashmere School District is taking a wait-and-see approach to their varsity high school football game this week.

The Bulldogs are scheduled to play the annual Pear Bowl for homecoming week against the Cascade Kodiaks in Cashmere tomorrow night (Friday, October 7), but the lingering smoke might force the game to be delayed or moved and rescheduled.

Health regulations stipulate that the Air Quality Index (AQI) must be below 150 for any outdoor school event to take place.

In recent days, Cashmere’s AQI has been well above 150 during the day but dropped to well below that mark in the evening.

Cashmere Athletic Director, Jeff Carlson, says the district will monitor the AQI until late afternoon to see if there’s any chance the game can be played on its originally-scheduled day.

“There’s a possibility, once we check readings, that we might have to delay the start time. It could be delayed by an hour or two but we won’t start the game any later than 9 p.m.”

If the game isn’t played tomorrow, it will take place at Sergeant Field in Chelan at 10 a.m. on Saturday.

Carlson says the decision to wait on potentially moving and rescheduling the game was made because of how badly the kids at Cashmere High School want to have their homecoming game against rival Cascade as planned.

“We just don’t want to make the call on moving this game and then send a bus to Chelan and then have blue skies in Cashmere and have the opportunity to play at home. So we’re giving it every chance that we can to try and have the game in Cashmere for homecoming as scheduled.”

Carlson adds that, if the game is moved to Chelan, the homecoming dance will still take place tomorrow night (tonight) in Cashmere but the royalty’s coronation ceremony will be moved to Friday, October 21, during the Bulldogs home game against Chelan.

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