The Washington Salmon Recovery Funding Board has awarded $26.1 million in grants for salmon recovery projects across the state and Chelan County received almost $1.7 million of those funds. Some of the Chelan County projects include areas such as Nason Creek, Peshastin Irrigation District and the Wenatchee River.

"I'd say one really endearing factor about the projects we do is that we do all these with willing land owners," said Mike Kaputa, Chelan County Natural Resources director. "Every one of these projects, there is a willing land owner behind it who wants to improve their property for salmon recovery. So I think for me in particular, it's really heartening to see the local communities engage in these important projects."

This is the 20th year that the Salmon Recovery Funding Board has dispersed funds for salmon recovery projects.

"Project sponsors in Chelan County continue to compete really well for the funds," said Kaputua.

Projects include:

Cascade Columbia Fisheries Enhancement Group Grant: $61,158 for designing a project to restore Lower Chiwaukum Creek

Chelan County Grants(s): $750,000 for conserving Nason Ridge to preserve habitat,  $114,750 for designing a project to improve Peshastin Irrigation District, $79,208 for designing a project to reconnect a Peshastin Creek Side Channel, $148,265 for improving habitat in a Wenatchee River Side Channel,

Chelan Douglas Land Trust Grant: $184,575 for preserving land near Nason and Kahler Creeks

Confederated Tribes and Bands of the Yakama Nation Grant: $133,275 for enhancing habitat in Nason Creek

Trout Unlimited: $188,306 for improving in-stream Flow in Lower Wenatchee River.

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