The Chelan County Moderate Risk Waste Facility will now be accepting used latex paint for recycling and safe disposal starting June 21.

Chelan County Commissioners recently signed an agreement with PaintCare Washington, a state-wide paint recycling program that will pick up paint from the facility.

This program is a free service for Chelan County residents. Guidelines for dropping off paint are the following:

  • Limited to 55 gallons per visit, in five-gallon containers or less.
  • If paint is solidified, feel free to dispose of it in your home garbage system.
  • Businesses should continue to take latex paint to a nearby Rodda Paint or Sherwin Williams, or bring it to a future small quantity generator event held annually.
  • Usable paint will be set aside for the free re-use program, where residents can take home recycled latex paint.

Items that are prohibited include ammunition, explosives, syringes or needles, asbestos, tires, and fireworks.

Items that are already accepted include aerosol cans, brake fluid, household batteries, household cleaners, gasoline/ diesel, antifreeze and motor oil.

You can read the full list of items that are accepted or not accepted here.

New drop-off hours have been extended to 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., Tuesday through Friday and the first Saturday of every month. The Saturday drop-off in July will be moved to July 9 due to the 4th of July holiday.

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