Chelan County is looking for applicants who need money for projects that promote economic development.

County Commissioners have more than $820,000 in the Cascade Public Infrastructure Fund for use on projects such as affordable housing.

Commissioner Kevin Overbey says the money is available to local governments.

"You can have housing trusts, housing authorities, junior taxing districts, Regional Port Authority, P.U.D, Water and Sewer Districts are all eligable," said Overbey.

The money to fund the projects is not a new tax on citizens, but comes from an existing sales-and-use tax focused on helping rural counties.

Affordable housing is a new option for the funding after Sen. Brad Hawkins sponsored a bill to expand use of the Cascade Public Infrastructure Fund to include such projects.

The legislation passed and was signed into law in March.

Commissioner Overbey says the money is open for local governments to use on a wide range of projects to boost the economy.

"It's for projects, whether it's infrastructure or water projects, sewer projects, other elements, housing," Overbey said.

The overall Cascade Public Infrastructure Fund will spend $2.5 million between 2021 and 2023 in various projects.

The application period is now through July 15. An advisory committee will then make recommendations to commissioners on which applications to choose, while commissioners will make a final decision on how the money is spend shortly afterward.

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