Chelan County is conducting Public Safety Testing for people interested in jobs in four fields related to law enforcement and firefighting.

Commissioner Kevin Overbay says the testing is a requirement when working for local governments such as a county.

"A lot of the law enforcement, firefighting agencies and dispatch centers, as well as corrections are required to do, as a civil service position, public safety testing," said Overbay.

The county will be conducting tests specifically for people wanting to work in corrections, law enforcement, firefighting or 911 communications.

The tests are typically the first step a public safety agency requires in its hiring process.

Chelan County is holding the tests in mid- August

Overbay says it'll be open to job candidates in the region as well as Chelan County.

"Chelan County itself has two openings in our corrections and five openings in our sheriff's office," Overbay said. "So, we're hoping to be able to utilize this as an opportunity to identify folks that might be able to fill those, as well as our neighboring fire districts and Rivercom, which also have openings at this time."

Interested candidates must first pre-register here.

The website supports public safety agencies around the state in the hiring process,

The tests consist of both written and physical ability tests.

They're being held at Confluence Technology Center - 285 Technology Center Way No. 102, Wenatchee

Check-in begins at 9 a.m. Testing begins at 9:30 a.m. The written test is in the morning and the physical ability test is in the afternoon.

Chelan County Human Resources has more specific information for those who call 509-667-6804.

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