If you've been in the area of Lincoln and Methow Streets in South Wenatchee, you may have noticed a big hole in the road surrounded by orange cones, barriers and heavy machinery.

That's where road construction crews have exposed a large irrigation pipe as part of a pipeline crossing agreement with the Reclamation District.

Zachary Horton with Wenatchee's Public Works Department says they're getting things ready for another project this summer.

"The driver of the work is the Methow Streets Improvement Project. We're putting in a new iron water main to replace an eight inch asbestos cement pipe from the 1940's," Horton said.

Crews are installing a variety of elbowed pipes at a depth of seven feet to get under the irrigation pipe in preparation for a connection to the new main when it's installed this summer.

"We're just making sure all i's are dotted and t's crossed and that we have an understanding about how we're going to proceed with our utilities and their utilities mingling in the same space." Horton said.

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