Grant County Sheriff's Deputies are investigating the theft of an ATM in the Coulee City area that occurred Monday morning within Big Wally's store.

Public Information Officer Kyle Foreman stated that investigators are looking for any information regarding the two burglars, one man, one woman, who used a cutting torch to break into the store and then loaded the ATM into a white SUV.

"What we're looking for right now is a white SUV with a black cargo container on top of the vehicle." Foreman said, "The vehicle might be an early 2000's Ford Escape. The video was a little grainy, but we think that's what the vehicle is."

While the theft was a serious crime, Foreman added that the suspects are probably not your 'armed and dangerous' type.

"We have no indication that the suspects pose any harm to anybody." explained Foreman, "They look like they're burglars. They certainly came prepared for the job and they were pretty quick in what they were doing. But there is no indication that there is any risk to the public."

Anyone with information is asked to contact the Grant County Sheriff’s Office at 509-762-1160.

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