East Wenatchee is getting a new Community Development Director for the first time in almost a quarter century.

Curtis Lillquist was unanimously confirmed to the position this week, and will take over the job on September 1.

Lilliquist has actually been with the city for about a year, after filling the planning manager position that was created for him to be groomed for his new role.

The city now has an opening for a planning associate position, after choosing not to fill the spot while Lilliquist served in the position.

The city council created the title of planning manager after Mayor Jerrilea Crawford and outgoing Community Development Director Lori Barnett recruited Lilliquist for the job.

In East Wenatchee, the Community Development Director overseas the city's planning division as well as Building/Code Compliance and the city's Community Development Block Grant program.

Crawford revealed at Tuesday evening's city council meeting that Lilliquist will make $9,557.40 monthly, or roughly $115,000 per year, although she indicated that figure could change with new budgeting for the position.

Barnett has been Community Development Director since 1998. Crawford ran down a long list of her accomplishment before Barnett received a special certificate in an emotional sequence at the council meeting.

"She has participated in many strategic plans which have led us to lots of improvements in the city," said Crawford. "She has worked on density issues. housing issues, homeless topics. I think the list just goes on and on, and I'm sure I'm forgetting a thousand of them."

Barnett will stay on with the city through the end of September to help with the transition process.

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