East Wenatchee Police are investigating a drive-by shooting at a residence in which one person reported a bullet entering their bedroom. 

The shooting took place at about 9:45 Sunday night in the area of 3rd Street NE and N James Avenue. 

East Wenatchee Police Chief Rick Johnson says they suspect the shooting was gang related. 

"We have seen an increase in gang related activity in East Wenatchee, probably over the last six to eight months," said Johnson. "We haven't seen an increase in drive-by shootings because we're still having one to two a year in East Wenatchee.” 

Johnson said there were no injuries although there were reports of multiple gunshots heard in the area. 

One caller reported their house was hit with a bullet. At the time of the shooting there were five occupants inside the residence. 

Johnson said officers located shell casings in the roadway. 

Security footage showed multiple vehicles passing by the residence during the time of gunfire.  This investigation is ongoing.  

We encourage anyone with potential information related to this incident to contact RiverCom at 509-663-9911. 

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