Kids in the Eastmont School District went back to the classroom for their first day of the 2022-23 school year on Wednesday.

One of the most obvious differences already being noted between this year and the previous two school years at Eastmont, is the relaxing of many pandemic safety protocols.

New Eastmont superintendent, Becky Berg, says things almost feel like they’re where they were prior to COVID.

“We’ve been able to take down the shower curtain and plexiglass partitions, and we’re seeing a lot fewer masks – only by choice basically. And so it just feels…I hesitate to use the word ‘normal’…but it really does feel a lot more normal.”

Another big change between this school year and last applies specifically to sixth-grade students in the district, who now attend class as the district’s highest grade level at its elementary schools.

Eastmont sixth-graders are also part of a new program this school year, which allows them to acclimate to the junior high level by taking elective courses for part of the day at the district’s junior high school campus.

Berg adds that one of the biggest things for both students and parents alike to keep in mind throughout the new school year pertains to the district’s dress code.

“We are really reinforcing our dress code. I don’t love dress codes, but with some of the criminal activity happening in the Valley, we are very united with the Wenatchee School District about what we allow students to wear at school. We’ve sent reminders to our parents already so they don’t spend their precious dollars on something that’s banned from our schools.”

The school year at Eastmont runs until June 9, 2023.

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