A Grant County drinking establishment has damage after a hostile patron vandalized the business using his car.

The incident occurred just after midnight on Sunday at the R Place Tavern in Desert Aire when 31-year-old Antonio Rabadan Altamirano of Mattawa drove his vehicle into its front entrance.

"He'd made threats towards the staff at the bar," says Grant County Sheriff's Office spokesperson Kyle Foreman. "While the staff was calling 9-1-1 to request deputies, Altamirano got into his vehicle and drove it into the building up to three times. But he in doing so, he also left behind his front bumper and his front license plate."

Deputies used the evidence to quickly trace Altamirano's sedan to a nearby residence in Desert Aire where he was arrested and charged with malicious mischief and DUI.

No one was injured when Altamirano allegedly rammed his vehicle into the tavern, but damage to the building is estimated at approximately $5,000.

An employee at R Place who spoke with KPQ News says the business will remain open while it awaits repairs.

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