Washington drivers could begin to see relief at the gas pump in the coming days and weeks. Currently, Washington has the fourth highest gas prices in the nation.

There are several variables contributing to the decreased prices. An economic slowdown in China due to continued Covid restrictions, the Federal Reserve raising the interest rates, and increased oil inventories, have all helped to lower fuel prices.

According to Patrick De Haan with Gas Buddy, motorists may be pleasantly surprised to see a slow, but noticeable drop in gas prices in the days ahead.  "Prices are slowly starting to inch down," he said, "The statewide average price for a gallon is about a penny and a half less. In the last week or two, the average price statewide for a gallon of gas is $5.51. That's a trend that should actually continue here over the next week or two. Going into July 4th, we are expecting a slow, but noticeable drop in gas prices."

De Haan predicts that gas prices will continue to drop as the holiday weekend approaches. "In the short term I do expect a little bit more relief to show up as we progress through the July 4th holiday, and approaching it, unless something changes."

De Hann says where we go for the rest of the summer will depend on how other outside events are looking.

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