The Grant County Sheriff's Office is once again warning about a scam being experienced in the county.

For the second time in two weeks, it's reminding the public about what it calls "The Imposter Scam", where people are receiving calls from imposters who claim to be from the sheriff's office.

The imposer asks the person to pay a fine on the phone, and then pressures the person for their financial information.

Grant County deputies say they're still hearing about people getting the bogus calls, and are reiterating their message that they'll never call, email, text, or message a person on social media to ask for money.

Deputies are now advising the public that the scam will always be present. They have not publicly announced any plan to locate and arrest the scammers.

"The Grant County Sheriff's Office will never call, email, text, or message you on social media to threaten you with arrest," said a social media statement by the Grant County Sheriff's Office. "In fact, no government agency will do that. But scammers will.

"Never pay anybody who contacts you out of the blue and tells you to pay. Don’t give them access to your bank account, don’t buy cryptocurrency or gift cards, don’t wire money, and don’t send cash.

Just don’t pay them. It’s a scam."

The sheriff’s released a similar statement on August 9th.

Several other scams have been reported by North Central Washington sheriff’s offices this year.

In April, the Chelan County Sheriff’s Office reported a scam meant to simply scare people, in which callers on a fraudulent out-of-state number make numerous demands and threats, and if not met, say they'll shoot-up the business and kill everyone inside.

In February Douglas County deputies warned about a scam involving people who impersonate a member of law enforcement, and then call victims and tell them that a family member is in jail and the victim needs to send money for their release.

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