A Home Depot employee was arrested for allegedly groping a janitorial worker and stealing her phone while working Saturday.

22-year-old suspect Erik Alvarado Reyes has been charged with fourth degree assault with sexual motivation and first degree theft.

Around 6:40 a.m. the woman was starting to clean one of the bathrooms at the Home Depot in Wenatchee when Reyes entered the closed off area.

She kept telling Reyes that he could not be in the restroom while she cleaned. Reyes reportedly kept asking for her number and Snapchat and when she refused, he took her phone.

The woman wrote down a fake Snapchat username to try and get Reyes to leave her alone. 

She eventually took her phone back, however Reyes kept harassing her before he eventually grabbed her buttocks.

A few hours after she called Wenatchee Police, police interviewed Reyes, who admitted that he tried to “get his opportunity” but denied groping the woman.

Reyes is set to appear in court on Sep. 26 with a $1,000 bail.

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