After three years of serving Mexican cuisine in Leavenworth, Pavz Tacos owners are officially closing shop and focusing on their restaurant, Taqueria el Chavo, in Cashmere.

Pavz Tacos owner Carlos Bernal Lopez said this year’s slow tourist season contributed to the closure, with sales nearly 50 percent lower this year compared to previous years.

Other factors that contributed to low sales include lack of parking for employees, increased gas prices, and overall raised costs in Leavenworth.

In the future, Lopez may return to Leavenworth, but states that the city will need to work more with Leavenworth businesses before doing so.

“We need to be a community, we have to work as a community,” Lopez said. “The city has to work with the businesses together, but in my opinion that doesn't happen in Leavenworth.”

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