Link Transit’s Board of Directors has authorized the purchase of a land parcel in Chelan County.

Link spokesperson, Eric West, says the parcel is in the Cashmere area.

“We are looking at purchasing a chunk of land by the new Goodwin Bridge in Cashmere, It’s about 2.6 acres, and the board authorized us to enter into negotiations for a price not to exceed $800,000.”

The lot is currently listed at $7 per square foot with Jones Fruit & Produce Inc. listed as its current owner.

Link plans on using the land to build a park-and-ride facility for its buses and shuttles.

West says if the parcel can be secured by the end of the year, construction on the park-and-ride could begin in roughly six months.

“If we can come to some sort of an agreement in the next month or two, I would think by spring we’d be looking at starting to do some dirt work and getting other plans put together. So construction could start by next spring.”

If the lot is procured by the end of this year, its funding would come from unfinished projects in Link’s current capital budget. If the purchase isn’t complete until next year, funding would come from Link’s 2023 capital budget.

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