Police are asking for formal charges against a man who officers say tried to flee in a vehicle, and in the process, rammed it into two police cars. 

The Columbia River Drug Task Force was confronting Steven Irland at the time for previous violations and had located him at a Rock Island residence. 

Police are now asking for 13 new charges including nine felony infractions after recovering an E-Bike stolen out of Leavenworth, a pistol grip shotgun, AR15 rifle, approximately 1000 fentanyl pills, fentanyl powder, illegal mushrooms, and items used for distribution of drugs. 

Among the new accusations are hit and run, resisting arrest, unlawful firearms possession and multiple counts of drug possession with intent to deliver. 

Detectives asked for the new charges in Douglas County Superior Court Wednesday. 

Prosecutors have until Monday at 4pm to charge Irland, who is in the Chelan County jail on a $100,000 bond. 

He has a preliminary court date set for Monday, November 16th  if still in custody, or Thursday, November 20th if out of custody. 

The Columbia River Drug Task Force will be contacting federal agencies for possible federal charges in addition to the local charges. 

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